Search Engine Optimisation Articles – SEO explained for website owners

I have written a number of articles on SEO to help you understand some of the issues and make the right decisions for your own website. There is an explanation of what it is all about, some of the key terms are explained and guidance on using keywords.

How to use Alt Text for Images and why?

Alt Text is a short alternative text description of an image on a web page. It is used when the image itself cannot be seen and understood. It is useful to search engines and people with sight issues (or for everybody if the image does not load for some reason).

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What is SEO Really All About? Let Me Explain

Are you confused about SEO, not sure if it is right for you and have no idea what it is that SEO people actually do? Then this article is intended to help you understand: What is SEO Really All About. I hope it will help you make informed decisions about SEO and your website marketing.

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Web Content: How to Optimise Copy for SEO

This article focusses on effectively optimising your copy to get it noticed in the search engines. Optimising your content for search engines is primarily about making sure keywords and phrases appear prominently in important places on your web pages such as Title, Description, H1, Sub-headings and Link Anchor Text.

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Tips to Help Search Engine Ranking For New Websites

Google often seems to ignore new websites for the first 6 months or so and it can take up to a year to get a new site the search engine rankings it deserves. Google’s complex and secret algorithms are designed to prevent new entrants to the web from surging straight to the top of the engine rankings. This is commonly referred to as “sandboxing”. So what can new site owners do to minimise this problem?

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SEO Helpful Guidance for Ecommerce Websites and Online Stores

Search Engine Optimisation for e-commerce sites is always a challenge. It is likely that your e-commerce content management software may not be helping much and your other main problem is probably that you are selling the same products as a bunch of other on-line shops. So how do you get your web shop to have good rankings in the search engines like Google?

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Here are some Search Engine Optimisation questions and answers. They tend to be brief and specific. In some cases they have been extracted from longer articles or pages and where relevant I have referred back to the original article at the end in case you would like to know more.