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The justification for a web site is likely to be different for each company but should be based upon the company's business needs and how the internet might satisfy some of these specific needs. So in some respects a generic list of benefits of a web site could be approaching the problem from the wrong direction. However it does serve as a basis for discussion.

For some companies the cost/benefit analysis is clear. For others it is more difficult to find enough tangible benefits to offset the cost. However the importance of the internet is undeniable and an organisation's web presence sends a clear signal of how seriously it takes the internet. An organisation must consider what damage a poor website can do to it's reputation. This will be more important in some market sectors than others. The website is a reflection of the company and its image, it can open up new avenues. It is a good interactive medium to find out about clients needs and requirements. Once a client is taken on-board, the website can be used to build on the client relationship, using on-line training or questionnaires for example.

Here follows a generic list of possible benefits of a quality web site:

Cost savings could come from:

A Case Study

Scenario: A company running public, private and bespoke training courses had a basic website but did most of their marketing via direct mailings. They produced a 60 page glossy brochure plus 4 smaller brochures every 6 months in large quantities for mailing. The brochures contained details of all their courses and schedules of public courses for the following 6 months and course booking forms.

Problems: Cost of print is expensive and once done it can't be changed. The courses are technology based so they change rapidly as do course schedules.

Solution: A new web site containing extensive details on courses and schedules that can easily be updated combined with a reduced dependence on printed brochures. The site also allows courses to be booked and paid for online, effectively automating some of the back room processes. The revenue generated by the new web site each month was more than the cost of developing the site. Also the saving in print and distribution costs every six months was significantly more than the cost of the new web site development.


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